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We have a stunning on line gallery exhibiting and selling hundreds of beautiful pieces of work from talented artists from many regions of the UK.

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West Country Galleries is here to increase everyone's enjoyment and understanding of art. We value your feedback. We are an on line art gallery selling beautiful paintings including abstract art, seascapes and landscapes and floral art. Our mission is to bring together talented contemporary artists from across the South West of England. Our aim in the near future is to embrace a wider geographical range of the British Isles.

We collate selected works from renowned artists, photographers and sculptures. Our current featured artists are Angie Thomas, Anthony Waller, Amanda McAndrews, Adelene Fletcher and Sabrina Roscino.

Log on to our website and embark on an amazing journey from the comfort of your own computer. You can visit us anytime; we are open every hour of the day.

Enjoy browsing through many different types of art collected together on one site. We also offer you the choice of a Virtual Room to check whether your chosen piece of artwork suits your decor.

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Feb 29, 2012 - May 13, 2012 - 14 Wharf Road, London, UK

The exhibition Lines of Thought explores the work of 15 contemporary artists, whose practice has focused in particular on using line in creatively challenging ways. With works representing different generations, it is remarkable to observe how the meaning and use of line varies from one artist to another. 
Simply the running on of a point, line is paradoxically one of the most powerful means of expression. Continuous or broken, curved or straight, free-floating or geometric, lines can define boundaries, divide spaces, create light and shade, or be used for communication. Throughout the history of art, line as a basic element of artistic expression has been used by many artists to explore and express a wealth of feelings, thoughts and ideas.